Access to water cut off as battle for Mosul wages on

Posted on JUL 13, 2019

The battle for Mosul has cut off access to running water for thousands of citizens.

The battle forMosul has cut off access to running water for thousands of citizens.

The city of Mosul has been under ISIS control for over two years and is now being retaken by the federal government of Iraq. Islamic State soldiers have been surrounded in their battle against Popular Mobilization militia, Sunni Arab tribes, and the Iraqi federal government for the ISIS stronghold city. Earlier in the month, Popular Mobilization Shi'ite militia announced that they had overtaken the last western route out of Mosul, essentially trapping ISIS soldiers inside.
It is now being reported by the United Nations and CNN that over half a million people in the Iraqi city are now without access to running water. According to the United Nations, one of the three main water pipelines in Mosul was struck as Iraqi federal troops battled with Islamic State soldiers in the eastern half of the city. The affected pipeline is in a portion of the city still inhabited by ISIS fighters and so cannot be accessed to be repaired according to UNICEF.

According to witnesses inside of Mosul, the story that a pipeline break has occurred is not the worst news in the city. There are now allegations that ISIS has also played a part in the water shortage. According to many, Islamic State soldiers are intentionally cutting off water supplies to multiple neighborhoods that are close to conflict zones. News about the ISIS affected water shortage came from Mosul City Council official, Zuhair Hazem al-Jabouri, who monitors and supervises the water and energy services for the city