Apple could launch three Macs with in-house processors later this year

Posted on FEB 15, 2019

Reports state that Apple is getting closer to creating its own processors.

New reports state that Apple plans to put custom processors within at least three more Macs by the end of 2018.

While there are currently no details on what the new chips will be used for, early reports state they will likely appear in both updated laptops and a new desktop,
Apple has been making custom chips for phones, tablets and watches for years. However, the tech company has just started making in-house chips for its computers. It first began the project in 2016 with the creation of the Touch Bar -- which needed a chip to run -- for the high-end Macbook Pro. Last month, Apple included a custom chip inside the iMac Pro that handled audio, encryption, and camera processing.

This is a big shift for Apple and it could mean large upcoming changes for the future of the Mac, The Vergereports. That is because the new move reveals a reduced need to wait on other companies for improvements, and it could enable Apple to go deeper into both hardware and software integration. Even more importantly, the new chips could be a step towards Apple using its own chips as the core processor inside the Mac.

Apple has already shown through the iPhone and iPad that it can create advanced processors. Their chips cantrack your steps, power game graphics, secure Face ID or Touch ID data, run the Apple Watch, pair AirPods to your phone, and help power Macs.

However, even with that success, there are many obstacles that the company needs to overcome before it canswap its own chips in place of the Intel-created ones that are currently inside Macs. Despite that, there is no doubt that, as the company gets closer and closer to Apple-made chips, that the new advancements have a lot of potential and could one day help the company become completely self sufficient.