AT&T CEO: Hiring Cohen was 'a big mistake'

Posted on AUG 07, 2019

AT&T's CEO said Friday that the company-made a "serious misjudgment" in seeking advice from Michael Cohen, President Trump's personal attorney.

AT&T's chief executive said Friday that the companymade a "serious misjudgment" to seek advice from Michael Cohen, President Trump's personal attorney, andannounced that its top lobbying executive in Washington would be relieved from their duties, as reported by The Washington Post.

"There is no other way to say it AT&T hiring Michael Cohen as a political consultant was a big mistake," AT&T chief executive Randall Stephenson wrote in a company-wideinternal email.
The email comes after reports stated that AT&T agreed topay Cohen $600,000 last year in exchange for advice on how to approach the Trump administration. InternalAT&T documents,obtained by The Post on Thursday, outlined how Cohen was expected to provide guidance on matters facing the company at the Federal Communications Commission and the Justice Department, specifically mentioning AT&T's $85 billion Time Warner merger.

Three days after Trump was sworn into office, the telecom giant turned to Cohen for help on a host of pending issues including the Time Warner merger, according to documentsThe Post obtained.

At the same time that he was collecting $50,000 a month from AT&T, Cohenwas being paid large sumsto advise other companies on a broad variety of issues, including the Affordable Care Act, accounting practices and real estate. It is unclear what insight Cohen, a longtime real estate attorney, could have provided AT&T on complex telecom matters