New Fox News CEO cracks down on provocative statements

Posted on NOV 09, 2018

With several national advertisers dropping Fox News shows in recent months and a number of prominent voices speaking out against the network, the top-rated channel finds itself at a crossroads.

Amid growing backlash against incendiary statements by Fox News commentators, POLITICO reported Wednesday that network CEO Suzanne Scott summoned top show producers and programming executives to a meeting last week to deliver a message: They need to be in control of their hosts and panelists, or they will be held responsible.

Scott told the producers that they would be held accountable for anything said on their air, and that it was their job to head off any inappropriate remarks, two sources told POLITICO. Appearing via video conference from Washington, D.C. to the group in New York, Scott read from a prepared script, explaining that she wanted to make sure she communicated her message clearly.
"She said, 'You are responsible for protecting the talent, protecting the brand,'" one of the people aware of the meeting said. "She said, 'You are responsible as the producers. You have to protect the talent and the brand.'"

Scott, who is in her second month as CEO, gathering the executives and producers last Wednesday and reading them prepared remarks was seen as unusual, according to POLITICO and its sources.

Recent on-air statementsabout the child separation crisis at the U.S.-Mexican border by prime-time host Laura Ingraham as well as guest commentators were viewed as unacceptable, and according to one of the people with knowledge of the meeting, Scott told the group that material about children should be scripted in advance and reviewed before airing, according to POLITICO